Monday, 29 October 2012

Housed Sparrows

 One of the highlights during the summer months  are the House Sparrows and their chicks. I get inundated with them  and have known up to forty parents and young chicks on the feeders, grass and garden at any one time. Chick are usually on the grass, rockery, hedge or path. The chicks are very comical, hopping around feeding but when mum or dad come along they start fluttering their wings to get fed. I usually get two broods a years and the numbers are still high. There was a large hedge at the other side of the play park. House Sparrows would land there in droves. Then as if a whistle was blown they flew across the play park and into my garden. I did try to photograph them but the pics were not very good. But seeing them was 'poetry in  motion' as it were. Maybe next year the perfect pic will come through, here's hoping. Got another House Sparrow pic that really is poetry in motion, but that's for another day. They may not be the most colourful of our bird life  but they still give us all pleasure.

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